unico patrimonio #2


A clean sea: his is the great secret of Pisciotta and its coast.

Cilento martedì 19 novembre 2019
di La Redazione
Whitewater beach
Whitewater beach © Ph Luca Pèrcopo

A clean sea not busy at all during high season; this is the great secret of Pisciotta and its coast. The Vallone di Fiumicello, recognizable by the particular square-shaped tower which is located on the border with Ascea, marks the beginning of 10 km of coastline awarded with the blue flag status of extraordinary beauty and cleanliness. Under the tower the pebbled beach of Pietracciaio touches the sea. On the sides of the port, northwards towards Ascea and southwards towards Palinuro, lie the Pisciottane beaches, some of which are characterized by white pebbles, called “agliaredde,” or stones polished by the sea, including the beaches of Torraca, Gozzipuodi and Acquabianca. Last call for the shallow and sandy seabed that makes the water crystal clear, others, to the south to Palinuro, sandy, like those of Ficaiola and Gabella, more than two kilometers of beach, sometimes free and sometimes equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas, which is part of the coastal village of Caprioli. Parallel to the boardwalk of Marina di Pisciotta the main beach flows, the one shown on the postcard, a sandy stretch, as well as its seabed, protected by several rocks, making it ideal for younger children.

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